Adolescents Vaccinations

If you have older kids who got all their vaccines when they were little, you might think they're protected against those diseases for life. But as they grow up, teens need other vaccines to stay safe.

Intensive English Centres (IECs)

Newly-arrived migrants (including refugees) attending Intensive English Centres (IECs) will be offered vaccines based on student age. Visit your local GP or health provider for more information.

  • Students who miss vaccine doses due to absence on the day of the clinic will be advised to receive anycatch-up vaccination at their local GP.
  • Information about the vaccinations is also available in 26 community languages.

Distance education/home-schooled students

Students who are enrolled in distance education or who are home-schooled are advised to attend their GP or other immunisation provider for free age-appropriate vaccinations.

For more information about the NSW School Vaccination Program in your area contact your local public health unit by calling 1300 066 055.

Children get other vaccines the first time between the ages of 11 and 16 because that’s when they work best. And if your kids haven’t yet gotten all the recommended childhood vaccines, now is a great time to catch up.

NSW is currently offering a free catch up vaccine for 10-19 year olds, speak to your GP or health provider for more information.