Aboriginal Health

South Western Sydney PHN is working to ensure there is the support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to choose and adopt healthy lifestyles and manage chronic conditions through this Your Health Your Time Your Way campaign.

Did you know, South Western Sydney has the largest population of Aboriginal residents in metropolitan Sydney (13, 070).

It is important for every Australian to have a good relationship with a regular GP. In particular it’s important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to ensure they identify their culture to their GP to access assistance in receiving the best possible care and staying healthy.

Make Your Culture Known

Identifying yourself as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is important, especially when seeing a GP, specialist or health professional.

Start by finding a regular GP that is PIPIHI (Indigenous Health Incentive) PIP practice. This means they have attended cultural awareness training and are able to provide a culturally safe and friendly practice. The practice will showcase a sticker like the one below, and be able to set you up with CTG scripts.


Make this GP part of your family, see them regularly and don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is a step forward in taking control of your health. They will be able to give you the best advice based on your medical history and have the best knowledge to keep you and your family healthy.

Ensure you also identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander if you attend hospital, including emergency and as an inpatient, as you also have access to an Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO) during your stay. They can help with emotional, social and cultural support to patients and families, liaison services for patients and families and they can also provide information about hospital services and other community resources.

Why identify?

By identifying as being an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person you can:


Access CTG scripts through your GP at a PIP registered practice.

Are you registered for the CTG with your GP? Ask the question.  CTG scripts allow you to purchase your PBS listed medication at a lower price or for free.


Access preventative health screening using the 715 Health Assessment.

The 715 Health Assessment is available to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons of all ages. It is aimed at being a preventative health measure and may lead to the early detection of a medical condition. The 715 includes: cancer screenings for cervical, bowel, breast and prostate cancer; and immunisations covering the childhood immunisation schedules, Pneumovax, Fluvax and Zostervax


Help improve your life expectancy

Overall the benefits of identifying will help your community and your mob in achieving longer, healthier lives.

South Western Sydney PHN Aboriginal Health Program

The main focus of the Aboriginal Health Team is to improve Indigenous access to mainstream primary care services. The team also provides GP support and education around cultural awareness and Aboriginal Health services, raises the community awareness on initiatives, programs and services available and identifies service gaps and needs within the region.

Priority health areas for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in South Western Sydney


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Mental Health

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Do you need further assistance in managing your health?


Your GP will be able to assist with all aspects of managing your health and can refer on to the NSW Health Integrated Team Care program.
Through the program you will be allocated an Aboriginal Health Care Coordinator to work closely with you to coordinate your health needs and access to care.

Your coordinator will:

  • Assist you to understand your chronic health condition and how to manage it
  • Work with both yourself and your GP to find the best treatment plan for you
  • Help you to find and access other medical services
  • Advocate for you
  • Direct you to programs that may help improve your health

They can also assist with arranging appointments with specialists and allied health professionals such as dieticians, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. The coordinator will also assist in arranging transport to appointments, provide medical aids, and dietary supplements.

To access the Integrated Team Care program talk to your gp or phone Budyari on 8781 8020.