Healthy Ageing

Healthy ageing is taking care of your mental, social and physical well-being and function as you get older. South Western Sydney PHN encourages having a regular GP who will refer you to health services and community programs as you need them to prevent or minimise disease as you age.

Steps you can take to ensure you stay well as you get older include:


Take medications as
prescribed by your GP

Get your hearing and eyesight
checked every two years

Keep dental checks up to date
every six to 12 months

In South Western Sydney there are more than 110,000 (12.2 percent) residents over 65 years, with more than 23 percent of these located in the Wingecarribee region. By 2021 it is predicted the local aged population will grow to 14.6 percent, with the greatest increase in the 70-74 and 80+ age groups.

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