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After hours medical help

If you are sick or injured at night or on a weekend you should always check if your regular GP is open. Many local clinics have longer opening times and where possible it is important to continue to see your regular doctor.

If your GP is closed, there are after hours care options available.

If you live in South Western Sydney region, and you are sick, injured or need non-urgent medical care you should:

Contact your regular GP

Check if your regular GP is open or have after hours arrangements in place

Your local GP might have extended work hours during the holidays

Download the HealthDirect app

Use the ‘Find a health service’ section to check local practices are open near you.

For after hours select ‘general practice’ then ‘refi­ne’ and scroll to select ‘open now’ and bulk billing

Find a health service using the search tool on the right, alternatively click here   

Call the GP Helpline

Get medical advice and support
1800 022 222

Use one of the available Home GP Services Below

Doctor Doctor
13 26 60

National Home Doctor Service
13 74 25

Sydney Medical Services
1300 466 347