Your Healthcare Journey

Know your medical history

When you see a GP, specialist, allied health professional or pharmacist, or if you go to hospital, you may be asked about your overall health, any previous conditions or operations, any medications you are taking, any allergies to medications or foods you may have, if your immunisations are up to date.

If you have a regular GP going through this history will not be necessary and they will know the tests you have received in the past and any medications you have been prescribed.

But it is important you are able to communicate, your medical history to your GP or health professional, should you need to.

If you are worried about forgetting an important aspect of your medical or family history, write it down before your appointment.

My Health Record

You can also sign up for My Health Record, a national digital health record system where all your important health information, such as allergies, medical conditions, tests and treatments is stored in the one place and can accessed by GPs, specialists and hospital, especially important in an emergency.

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